Audio Replies

Audio Replies

Posted on : 01 Apr, 2022    |    Last Update - 2 years ago   

Customers can reply to Vidpopup videos using different options and one of them is Audio 

1- To answer using audio, click on audio option

2- Click on the Green Mic to start recording

You can also click on the Back button to choose another reply option

3- The red mic indicates that your voice is being recorded. 

To stop the record, simply click on the red mic again. 

4- If you activated "collect contact details" when editing the vidpop,  people who will reply to your video must add their contact details: First name, Last name and Email

5- Once they click on Next, they will be able to see the End Screen page 

6- This is what the reply will look like. You can also download the audio.


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