Create Vidpopup Funnel with Clickable Button

Create Vidpopup Funnel with Clickable Button

Posted on : 21 Mar, 2022    |    Last Update - 2 years ago   

1- After choosing your video type and adding your text material, make sure to click on the Answer type drop menu > Select Button 

2- You will be able to see different tasks > Add your Call to Action text

This is how it will appear on your Vidpop. 

3- You can now add a URL to the Call to Action Link section

4- Delay Interaction: this allows you to control the time in which the answer type will be displayed.

In this case, after 2 sec, the Clickable button answer type will be displayed in the vidpop.

5- Collect Contact Details: You can collect the contact details of people who replied to your Vidpop. You can either activate or deactivate it based on your preference.


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