Create Vidpopup Funnel with Your Calendar

Create Vidpopup Funnel with Your Calendar

Posted on : 22 Mar, 2022    |    Last Update - 2 years ago   

1- To add your own calendar link to your Vidpop, click on the Answer type drop menu > select Calendar

2- You will be able to add your own appointment scheduling link of your choice. Calendly is supported in Vidpopup. 

3- Once you add your Calendly link, you will be able to check how your Calendly tab ill appear in your Vidpop

4- You can also control the time at which you want your Calendar link to appear on your Vidpop in seconds. In this case, the Calendly tab option will appear after 2 seconds.

5-  You can also choose whether you want to collect user data (Full Name+ Email) in this step or not.


Make sure to save your steps each time. 

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