Create your Own Branding

Create your Own Branding

Posted on : 26 Mar, 2022    |    Last Update - 2 years ago   

You can add your own branding to Vidpopup to fully customize your experience with Vidpopup. 

This feature is only available for Pro plan users + Appsumo Tier 2 and Tier3 licenses. 

1- Click on Settings in the left bar > Then click on Branding

2- Click on Add Brand to add a new branding for your projects. 

3- You can then customize the options based on your own brand: Add Image/Logo > Add a Brand Name > Add your Website > Choose your Text and Background colors > Save your work.

4- Your Brand is now added to your Vidpopup account.

You can also delete it by clicking on the Trach icon

5- You will be able to check it by accessing your Vidpopup settings

Click on Advance > Choose your Branding 

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